Clarence Pier for Solent Sky Services

Guest blog post featured on Solent Sky Services alongside other Portsmouth Creatives.

South Parade Pier has always been a favourite spot of mine as I have tons of memories there, since its reopened I’ve really enjoyed being able to get the most of it as a photographer. SPP offers lots of different view points in a small area so its appeal for playing and testing ideas as a photographer; you can photograph the pier itself; use it as a feature in the background, use the metal supports under the pier as framing for a scene or stand on the pier to get some shots from a higher vantage point looking down towards the beach. The low tide is my favourite time to shoot as it allows me to get close to the pier and the little bit of sand we have acts as a wonderful reflector.  The general area around SPP is lovely to explore with a camera as well, its a general gathering point for people due to the various attractions that surround the pier so if you want to capture candid street photos its a must visit. My biggest recommendation for the area is just to capture anything that catches your attention, its a space that has changed a lot in recent months and chances are the next time you visit it will have changed again. I’m not sure what I’ll do next time I visit SPP, I may force myself to only photograph in portrait format or even just focus on long exposures. It’s a wonderful local to learn and play as a photographer so I will continually come back.

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